Monday, 1 October 2012

Sponsor Packages

Huge thankyou to BRR for this massive package that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon:

Some seriously sick stuff here, they sent soo much! Well, to be precise..

Berlinwood x5
Winkler Wheels x3
BRTs x3
Rip Catchy x5
Rip Classic x1
FB Mag #4 ENGLISH x15
Kicker x2
Polebank x2
Box 3 x2
Box 4 x2
Box 4 old x2
Rooftop x1
Box 6 x1
Box 2 x1
Tshirts x3
Pissing Fingers 3 x5
Totebag Black x1

Yeeeeaa. Seriously sick stuff, including unreleased stuff (fb mag 4 in english!). I guess you guys will have to make it to the event if you want this, as half of all sponsor products are being raffled away (free raffle tickets to everyone who comes) and given away in product tosses.

Also HUGE news this week, so stay tuned for that. Trust me, you don't want to miss this event!

If you've not checked the side bar so far, go look at all the awesome sponsors of this event - huge thanks to all the companies, make sure to support them :)

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