The UK might not be the biggest country in the world, but especially for those coming by public transport, doing the round trip in one could be really tiring and stressful. Thankfully within 10 minutes walk of the venue there are great value places to stay over, especially if you get some friends together and book in a group.

Firstly, for those of you wanting the cheapest way possible to say, literally just across the other side of the street from the Venue is the 'Rock N Bowl' hostel! Hostels mights sound offputting to some, but this has really nice reviews - and if a bunch of you book together you can stay there for really cheap.

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Point A is the Hostel, and point B is the event. 30 seconds walk! You can check their website here.

For those of you wanting something more private, these two places are well worth checking out and still wont break the bank.

Map to Premier Inn (link) is on the left, and to Travelodge (link) is on the right. Point A is always the venue - the distances are 2-3 and 10-12 minutes walk respectively.

For those of you staying who don't want to fingerboard just in the time you're at the event, there are many fun fingerboard spots dotted around Broadmead and the area towards the harbourside - go walk around and you'll surely spot something fun! A personal favourite is the concrete halfpipes outside Urban Outfitters in Broadmead.

Hopefully with all that in mind you'll enjoy your trip to Bristol.

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